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Thai Time


We had a chance to try Thai food for the first time in Paris last year, but without any guidance to how it should be consumed and what is what on our plates. Anyway, we liked it a lot and for the occasion of the International Women’s Day, we searched for a place in Belgrade that tastes Thai, and found one that proved its exceptionality.

At Thai Time, they claim to be the first authentic Thai restaurant in Belgrade. We can’t speak about authenticity, but for sure, we can tell that the food was exquisite. We started with Tom Yum soup, which is a hot and sour soup with lemongrass, tomatoes and mushrooms and one portion of fried spring rolls. The soup comes with a piece of lime and a chilli, thus very refreshing. At Thai Time, you can choose between fresh and fried spring rolls and judging by the taste of the fried ones, you can’t make a mistake — they were delicious.

Main dish: Khao Man Gai, chicken with Thai rise, coriander pandan soup and a special homemade chilli sauce, and Thai Glass Noodles, minced chicken with shiitake mushrooms and mixed veggies. Since we revealed our identity too early, our host tried to bribe us with their classic dish Choo Chee Curry, which we recommend wholeheartedly.

Even though we had too much already, we never pass deserts. Our host recommended Chocolate Chilli Tart and Date and Walnut Cake. And with yet another bribe in the form of Tapioka Pudding we can honestly claim that this was one great and tasty Thai feast.

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